Mango Lane Photography

We are a photography team that has worked together for years before forming Mango Lane. Together we have over thirty years experience photographing weddings.


What we love - Adventure, Excitement, Story, Romance and the truly Unique. We love what makes everyone different and think that being able to capture that in our clients is what makes our work pop. 

Justin has a background in cinema and uses that in his photographic approach. He loves animals and the ocean. He has caged dived with Great White Sharks, gone on several epic hikes, and loves whitewater rafting among other adventures. 

Andrea has a degree in photography she earned after relocating to United States from Colombia at age 13. She is a romantic at heart and has a flair for the whimsy. 

Kristina has an eye for the details and has been perfecting her craft for decades. She is the pillar of her family and her son's school as she volunteers as often as possible. 

We see the world in living color and bright vibrant colors are a staple of our work. If you love what you see please contact us as we would love to tell your story.