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Behbood Wedding at Taber Ranch

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

The day started out at the bride's grandmother's house where I was greeted by their many dogs. Such a fun group (both the dogs and the humans!).

The bride's mother was finishing the final details on the cake she had made and explained she started making the hundreds of cookies she baked for the wedding back in November!

After the bridal party had their hair and make up we went to the venue, Taber Ranch! Taber Ranch is insanely beautiful for anyone who has not been.

The Groom and the Bride got dressed. Taber Ranch has an awesome private converted bus for the bridesmaids to change in. Super cute!

The day had patches of thunderstorms, but the couple was determined to have their wedding on the top of the hill overlooking almost everything (it felt like we were in New Zeland in a Lord of the Rings movie, so beautiful!)

The groom took some cell phone photos as the bride walked down.

The groom also raised his own homing pigeons and the couple released two during the ceremony. Hope they made it home!

The bride arrived in a Cadillac and the couple left in it. Super cool car (more photos of that further down in the story).

We then took some fun group photos with the family and bridal party.

Then some couple shots with the car too!

Then they were driven down the hill and introduced into the reception.

I took some detail shots while the couple ate. The Groom is a hunter, so the skull was something special to him and you might notice his ring was made out of a shotgun casing.

Once the couple finished eating it was time for sunset photos for a few minutes.

Let the reception begin!

The couple had some very unique rings and background for the ring shots as the Groom is an avid hunter. The deer skull is his catch and his ring was crafted from a bullet casing.

The bride's mother made their cutting cake, we had to have a fun photo to go along with it.


They ended the evening with a sparkler send off in the orchard.

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